AGROCOLOR recognizes the great work of the agri-food sector of Jaén with the “Best of Jaén” awards

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AGRO COLORfaithful to its agreement with the Andalusian agri-food sector, participates in the international fair EXPOLITIVE which is celebrated in Jaén, from today May 10 to 13, with a booth (D5) in the Caja Rural Interior Pavilion of the exhibition institution in Jaén.

Coinciding with the celebration of AGROCOLOR’s 25th anniversary, The Andalusian certifier held an act this morning to make a distinction’The best of Jaen‘, recognizing the great work of professionals and institutions in the region favoring the development of the community agri-food sector which has become the basic pillar of Jaen’s economy.

Four prizes have been awarded:

OLEFIELD, ACS: Agrocolor has granted this recognition to this cooperative for its business career and its strong commitment to food safety. This is how the important work developed by this cooperative is recognized, always looking for the best that the Jaén olive grove has to offer. Oleocampo applies the highest quality criteria to each of its products, promoting the understanding and deeper development of olive oil safety culture. and relying on the circular economy to stay at the forefront of the international olive industry.

Cooperative, quality, food safety, sustainability, innovation, improvement and equality are the values ​​that characterize this second-degree cooperative which currently consists of five mills: Santa Catalina, San Bartolomé and La Unión in the municipality of Torredelcampo, Consolación in Torredonjimeno and San Francisco de Asís in Villardompardo. The manager of Agrocolor, Gerardo Romero, presented the award to Juan Gadeo Parras, president of the secondary cooperative OLEOCAMPO.

PGI Jaen oil: With this award, Agrcocolor recognizes the great work that this Protected Geographical Indication has developed to revalue the quality of olive oil from Jaén, thus respecting the province’s image in key markets for the EVOO industry. Exclusivity, visibility and differentiation are the pillars of the great work they do, aiming to add value to extra virgin olive oil from Jaén with excellent organoleptic characteristics.

This Protected Geographical Indication is the first PGI for extra virgin olive oil recognized in Spain by Brussels and covers the 97 municipalities that make up the province of Jaén. It brings together more than 60 olive oil companies from all over the province. Its main purpose is to defend the quality, promotion and origin of Jaén oils. It has managed to group all EVOO from the province of Jaén under the same quality label.

The prize was presented by the President of Agrocolor, Miguel Rodríguez de la Rubia, to the President of the PGI Aceites de Jaén, Manuel Parras Rosa.

The third recognition goes to María José Serrano Arnau, farmer member of the cooperative Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro. The Andalusian certifier has awarded this farmer for her contribution to the development of the olive grove in the province. She is a law graduate, a member of the Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro cooperative and a member of the board of directors. She has done an excellent job fighting the drought in the olive sector. María José, an innovator and key player in the field, has developed a project together with the Department of Agricultural Chemistry of the University of Granada to improve crop water efficiency and combat water stress in olive groves. This farmer is also a staunch defender of the role of rural women in rural areas and their leading role in positions of responsibility in farms and cooperatives.

For AGROCOLOR, the involvement of María José represents the Generation change and the continuity of the production modelbut from an innovative perspective and committed to sustainable agriculture.

María Jose received the prize from Joaquín Olivares, AGROCOLOR representative in Jaén, Granada and Málaga.

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Finally, AGROCOLOR has granted recognition ‘The Best of Jaen’ to Cristina de Toro Navero, General Director Industry, Innovation and Food Chain of the Junta de Andalucía for the defense he has made of the interests of the peasants and peasants of Jaén from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development of the Junta de Andalucía, promote development of a sector essential to the community, as a supplier of healthy and wholesome food.

Cristina is an agricultural engineer from the University of Córdoba and has always been closely associated with the olive sector. He has led the Technological Center of the Olive Grove and Olive Oil in Jaén (Citoliva Foundation), from which the Center of Excellence in Research on Olive Oil and Health (CEAS Foundation) and the Innovative Business Group of the supporting industry are managed. olive oil (INOLEO Association).

The award ceremony for Cristina de Toro was in the hands of Luis Miguel Fernández, CEO of AGROCOLOR.

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