Bilibili Gaming wins the fast track against a very spirited Cloud9


Cloud 9 the North American champion premiered this MSI 2023 earlier bilibili Gaming. He started with a clear victim board, but still the LCS team fought all the cards. Eventually they would give in, but they fell with their boots on. The Chinese team continues and waits for a rival in the next round

Cloud9 goes too far and BiliBili Gaming takes advantage

The best of five between Cloud9 and Bilibili Gaming started where the LCS Champion would offer the first surprise pick. nocturne Accompanied by Sylasset up to punish at all times the design of the Chinese team, which would seek a composition of early-mid. The plan was clear; punishing by numerical advantage.

After the first bars, Cloud9 would be the first to suggest. While the first skirmish wouldn’t go well for the North American team, they pushed for a bot lane they wanted to leave behind Lucian. He managed to penalize the first few minutes to prevent Bilibili Gaming from snowballing, until a hunt for Zven it undid much of this work.

Cloud9 kept trying to run skirmishes that always fell short of attempts. The Chinese runner-up, already well ahead in gold and with a composition of halfway through the game, managed to prevail in each of the group battles. This advantage would be used keep getting towers and neutral targets until he had the threat of the soul in his power.

By a absolute control by Bilibili Gaming know, preventing him from flanking in group fights. The reigning LCS champion desperately tried to force action and, as is often the case, was unsuccessful. The LPL team is very comfortable in constant group battles and Cloud9’s composition required masterful execution with all available abilities.

The macro is more profitable

Both sets would repeat both prohibits Like the first elections. Cloud9 would choose to adapt with a Zion who, unlike Knowing, always knows how to start. Bilibili looked like he would run a map one trace, but he would choose it syndra And know to complete a composition with a eruption scary. The LCS champion would complete his composition with a relatedgreat to reduce the proactivity of the Chinese and a Gallium with a spectacular synergy together with Sion.

I would start with the card as a copy of the first. Pressure from Cloud9 in the bottom lane and despite the failure of the first skirmish, they insist on preventing Lucian from taking advantage. despite some very dirty executions, with glaring micro-flawsthe game plan worked and with better results than in the previous game.

Still, Bilibili Gaming went ahead with the golden advantage. This was mainly due to the advantage within farm and some plates, the price to pay for carrying out such an aggressive bot job scheme. Then the chess game would begin. Both teams would start to change objectives and it would be the Chinese organization that would execute best rotations to gradually increase the gold advantage. This contributed to a Nashor theft by the Asian organization that would increase their advantage.

Cloud9’s hasty initiations would return and once again the cooler minded LPL team would once again take the win.

There are no two without three

Radical change in the compositions for a card where the North American champion went in search of a composition that was all about targeting balls Berserker. Leblan And read Without to dominate the early stages of the game and use this pressure so that the Aphelios of the raging Korean gunman. Bilibili Gaming identifies the change in plan and tries to scale up to be even stronger in the midgame, where the LCS champion falters. Jinx surrounded by champions who give her plenty of room to hit.

The Chinese team started with a small advantage like the previous maps, but here Cloud9 answered bluntly. Several kills and on the most suitable champions to get the rewards. Lee Sin to stay present in early in the game and Berserker to speed up the purchase of the mythical item.

The game would remain very even, until a disastrous choice throughout the LCS completely ruined all previous work. Within a minute, the Asian organization got multiple kills, three mid lane towers and the dragon. Still, Cloud9 was unwilling to sell the third map cheaply and surprised the LPL rep with one ace after the Nashor of this.

The exchanges were continued by both teams with the LPL representative always succeeding in increasing the long-term gold benefits. They eventually used this to end the Cloud9 set drowning the American outfit at the base until the card is ready. Another defeat from the West after the failure of G2 Esports and MAD Lions.

Where and when can we see Cloud9 and Bilibili Gaming again?

You can follow both Cloud9 and Bilibili Gaming Saturday May 13 where the matches take place winners And losers on his side of bracket. We remind you that you can follow all MSI competitions on the page itself lolesports or from the official broadcast in Spanish by LVP. There will also be plenty of co-streams and in Spain we will have them Ibaiwho will comment on it with a full image even if KOI isn’t participating.

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