China Mobile-Huawei Cooperation Wins “The Operator Award” At FutureNet World 2023

China Mobile-Huawei Cooperation Wins "The Operator Award" At FutureNet World 2023

LONDON, May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the FutureNet world 2023, which was held in London on May 3 and 4, the collaboration of China Mobile with Huawei and its “Digital Twin solutions for autonomous networks“has won the prize The Operative Awardthe special honor that FutureNet world awarded to exemplary operators.

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FutureNet World, one of the world’s leading telecommunications industry summits, aims to outline the future development direction of the industry, with an emphasis on network intelligence and automation. China Mobile’s project won the award for the first time after a rigorous and thorough review by renowned analysts from various industry associations, including Omdia, TM Forum, ABI Research and Appledore Research.

In recent years, China Mobile and Huawei have cooperated to explore the development of high-level autonomous networks (ANs) based on the digital twin concept, and launched several pilot practices that have led to multiple innovative achievements.

  • network of Computing Forces (CFN)

Conventional solutions cannot find sufficient computing resources and the optimal network at the same time. To meet this challenge, China Mobile and Huawei have jointly implemented the OTN transport capacity map in many provinces of China. Chinaincluded guangdong. This innovative solution is used to visualize a combined network and compute topology, allowing assessment of online transport capacity and recommending an optimal network with compute nodes that provide sufficient compute resources. In addition, standard north interfaces are used to enable fast decision making and flexible service delivery. All of this has drastically reduced delivery times from days to 30 minutes, while improving computer resource utilization by 17%.

  • Cloud Core Network Disaster Recovery (DR) switching

Conventional solutions rely heavily on manual handling, resulting in long DR evaluation periods. In addition, these solutions lack the ability to visually represent the DR process. To overcome these limitations, China Mobile and Huawei have jointly deployed intelligent DR assistive technologies in many provinces Chinaincluded zhejiang And Henan, to implement automatic DR simulation and evaluation based on digital twin networks. These technologies have significantly reduced evaluation time from one week to 10 minutes. They also provide a complete and visual representation of the entire DR process, facilitating its automation. China Mobile has used these technologies to successfully run more than 10 DR exercises for millions of users.

China Mobile remains committed to strengthening cooperation with Huawei, with the shared goals of introducing more innovative AN practices and further exploring advanced AN capabilities, including service simulation, AI training, security simulation and network optimization, leveraging the strength of digital twins and the evolution to AN L4 by 2025, empowering a wide range of industries and catalyzing the digital transformation of the economy and society.

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