Globant launches Globant Create for the best of AI and technology in creativity and marketing

Globant launches Globant Create for the best of AI and technology in creativity and marketing

Globant’s new proposal will merge former Digital Sales and Digital Marketing Studios with recently acquired creative agencies in Europe and Latin America

Globant Create combines creativity and marketing strategy with AI, data and advanced technology to provide its clients with unique ways to engage with their audience

global digital native company focused on reinventing business through innovative technology solutions, announces the launch of Globant Create, the new Studio that combines creativity, marketing, AI media, data and other advanced technologies to develop complete 360° marketing strategies.

The current technological context, In constant evolution, coupled with the exponential growth of AI-enabled digital products, consumer demand and appetite for high-quality digital experiences has increased across all industries.. With an AI-assisted agency approachCreating Globant offers a comprehensive end-to-end approach that addresses all aspects of digital marketing: from strategy to engagement, from technology to creativity, from acquisition to loyalty, and from insights to meaningful experiences.

Creating Globant born from the combination of the old Digital sales studios and digital marketing, and the talent united with the family global Unpleasant through the acquisition of creative agencies and performace in recent years, such as resident in Europe and Ad_Bid and KTBO in Latin America.

Starting today, experts in marketing, creativity, strategy and product management will collaborate on this new research and in close conjunction with the other research. of 35 Globant Studios to leverage AI and other technologies with their expertise across multiple industries and markets.

Globant Create will also become one of the most creative organizations certified and validated worldwide, with partnerships with Adobe and Salesforce, along with one of the few Premier Google Partners worldwide.

“Create globally is a total solution for all marketing needs. We will accelerate our clients’ growth by leveraging best practices on how AI, among other technologies, can be applied to marketing and creativity, building competitive advantages on a global scale.” Pepe Chamorro, creative executive with over 25 years of experience and recently appointed director of Studio Globant Create. And he adds: «At Globant Create, we believe in technology as the vehicle to move the world forward, and in creativity as the energy behind it».

“Globant has become a global player in digital and cognitive transformation. Consolidating our creative value proposition under a unified top team and leveraging the best array of technologies and world-class delivery is another milestone on our growth path.” Martin Migoya, co-founder and CEO of Globant.

“We believe thathe brands and technology are more intertwined than ever. Consumers are asking for more personalization and better interactionand it’s time for every brand to find the best way to take advantage of AI and data, among other things.

With this new offer, global will draw on his experience with clients such as Kellogg’s, Mattel, Janssen, Uber, Nissan, Unicredit, Samsung, LaLiga, Electronic Arts, McDonald’s and Virgin telco, among other things, to reinvent marketing needs.

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