HONOR and Orange celebrate Family Day and focus on memories

HONOR and Orange celebrate Family Day and focus on memories

If you’re looking for a Family Day gift that makes a difference, this is what you’re looking for.

HONOR Magic5 Pro, one of the most coveted beasts of this 2023


When was the last time you got someone in your family to do this? he will be really excited? Do you remember the last time you told them how much you love them? How many years have they been standing at the base of the canyon? If you think you have an outstanding account with yours, this is Family day you will be able to redeem yourself once and for all. And no, we are not talking about the typical bouquet of flowers but something much more special.

Today we want to talk about a different gift than you can imagine, just a simple surprise emotional that will stand out in the depths of their hearts.

do you remember that one videos that your parents recorded with their camcorder? The ones where you went out as a kid, with your brothers, on vacation at the beach, met a Spider-Man while hanging around the house, unwrapped Christmas presents… Those videos that, most likely, they have been in a closetgathering dust, where no one remembers its existence.

Well, thanks to technology it is now possible get them back and give them a new lifesomething you can do thanks to the help of Orange and EER.

Celebrate Family Day with a unique gift

EER family day

as we said, HONOR And Orange They have prepared an amazing gift designed to touch the fiber of who loves us most, a whole betting on memories powered by the power of technology.

In short, by buying an HONOR smartphone in one of the 21 Orange stores, you will access the ever-exciting power of memories thanks to the digitizing those old VHS tapes which we discussed earlier. The goal is to be able to offer a gift to our families up close, sentimental and very, very personal. Imagine their face when you hand them over a mobile with all those digitized videos on it. All those memories that seemed forgotten will be present again. And best of all, they can be shared with the whole family.

And, best of all, this digitization will be done free. Check out the HONOR website to see all the details, but actually you literally give away an EER full of old experiences prepared for at the same time generate new ones.

Fill your HONOR with memories: how #HONORtobewithyou works


This action will be active until the end of the monthavailable in one of the 21 stores which Orange has throughout the peninsula. If for any reason you’re not sure which one to go to, find a store search engine on the promotion’s own website.

Why bet on HONOR Magic5 Pro and HONOR Magic5 Lite

HONOR surprised during the last Mobile World Congress with what is already the smartphone most advanced in its historyan HONOR Magic5 Pro equipped with high-end specs and a photographic section simply spectacular. It is one of the most mobile top of this 2023, the typical device designed for leave with your mouth open to those users who use it for the first time.

Please also note that in addition to #HONORtobewithyou comes this new HONOR device gifts worth more than 300 euros: coupons, vouchers for the HONOR store, HONOR Care+ protection service, headphones, tablet, etc. Take a good look at it because it contains a series of very interesting extras.

EER Magic5 Pro

As for this other HONOR device, you should know that despite its low price, it is one of the most affordable mid-range devices balanced of the moment: screen, battery, camera and performance merge into a phone that is a real gift.

It comes, among other things 6 GB RAM memorya curved AMOLED screen with refresh rate of 120 Hz capable of displaying up to 1.07 billion colors, a triple rear camera presided over by a sensor 64 megapixels and peace of mind that a processor is as stable and powerful as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 695. If you bet on him, you’re giving away a device with a premium designa very, very above average battery and a versatile and quality cameraperfect for immortalizing moments from the first minute.

EER Magic5 Lite

Finally, and as was the case with the flagship of the brand, this HONOR Magic5 Lite also contains various, in addition to the aforementioned VHS digitization discounts and special coupons. If you are interested, you can pre-purchase it 299 euros plus get discounts on the brand’s headphones and smart bracelets.

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