HONOR celebrates Mother’s Day with special prices – Technocio

HONOR celebrates Mother's Day with special prices - Technocio

The brand brings discounts available to May 31 for hands-on moms, photography enthusiasts and those who need to be connected all the time.

How do you live today without the help of technology? Undoubtedly, technological tools have become fundamental elements of everyday life. For this reason, they will always be one of the best options to surprise mothers in their day because they can make the most of them when it comes to being connected with work, communicating with loved ones or entertaining.

Below, HONOR shares super value gift options that are perfect for Mother’s Day gifts:

HONOR Magic5 Lite, for practical and resistant mothers

You don’t have to choose between performance and looks, with the HONOR Magic5 Lite, moms experience the true meaning of usability with a very light yet powerful device. Despite being only 7.9mm thick and weighing 175g, it packs a 5100mAh battery with exceptional performance that allows up to three days of use on a full charge.

Plus, if your device falls, you don’t have to worry as it features 0.65mm deep reinforced glass with an improved stress rating of over 900Mpa2 for an ultra-resistant screen. Based on rigorous lab testing, it can easily withstand the most common impacts, whether dropped, crushed or bumped.

This device will be on sale from May 1 to 31 in Claro and Alkosto stores for a special price of 1,799,900 COP, and they can gift a MAGIC Watch Pro smartwatch.

HONOR X7a, for moms who always need to be connected

For moms who go about their daily life at full speed and have multiple tasks planned, the HONOR X7A is perfect for them as they never run out of battery. The device uses 22.5 W HONOR SuperCharge6 technology, which allows three hours of activity with just 10 minutes of charging. Slow consumption and great performance for endless days. The HONOR X7a uses an intelligent energy-saving motor, which ensures a longer battery life.

This equipment is on sale in Claro, Movistar and Alkosto stores with a special price starting at 799,900 COP until May 31.[1] People who buy this device through Movistar’s sales channels will receive a Wireless Speaker as a gift (promotion valid until May 31).

HONOR X8a, for moms who love photography

For those who want to save millions of memories with their kids with photos, the HONOR X8a is perfect. Thanks to the quad camera: 100 MP main, angular and deep, macro and 16 MP for selfies, they can capture more details and colors with great fidelity to take unparalleled photos in any location and at any time.

In addition, mothers who like to share content on social networks can use the Smart Collage function to group the best memories, as the smartphone offers the most suitable template depending on the number of photos you want to share.

People interested in purchasing the HONOR X8a can purchase it through the Claro and Movistar stores from 1,391,900 [2] COP until May 31 and you can gift HONOR Choice X3 Lite headphones.

[1] HONOR X7a prices may vary depending on the sales channel

[2] The sales prices of the HONOR X8a may vary depending on the sales channel


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