Ingecom signs distribution agreement with ‘Cybersecurity Deep Tech’ Enthec | Distribution

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Ingecom has signed a distribution agreement with Enthec, with which it will market its Kartos cyberintelligence platform in Spain, Italy and Portugal, countries where Ingecom has its own office.

María Rojo, CEO and CTO of Enthec, appreciates the agreement reached and indicates that being part of the portfolio of a benchmark in cybersecurity is a strategic step forward in the development plan. “Enthec was born with a clear and defined calling to conduct 100% of its business through the channel, with no exceptions. There is no way we can compete with the companies that already provide excellent cybersecurity and cyberintelligence services to the market, and our job in the chain is to provide them and their customers with clear and actionable information about what cybercriminals can find about them beyond their perimeter, so they can enhance their protection and defense with information they normally don’t have access to. From this point of view, the alliance with Ingecom and its network of partners is very important to us and I am convinced that we will soon see positive results for all parties involved”.

Access to useful information

Enthec is a recently founded Spanish company that describes itself as a “Cybersecurity Deep Tech that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to inspect the internet, the deep web and the dark web for publicly accessible information that may pose a cyber risk. , or of any other type, for companies, organizations or government departments”.

Kartos, your cyber risk assessment tool, locates and classifies any information about an organization it finds outside its IT perimeter using robots and builds an interactive dashboard that presents the information in an understandable format. The platform monitors the situation of each company’s potential risk individually and without interruption (24×7), allowing the configuration of alarms that detect information leakage in near real-time.

Kartos is not intrusive because it does not perform any action on the network or on the infrastructures or systems of the organizations, but shows the information of the companies that is shown on the Internet, the dark web and the deep web, which is accessible to anyone who knows how to look for it, which poses a risk to the security, competitiveness and reputation of companies. “Kartos works in the same way as criminals when they prepare an attack, allowing organizations to anticipate a cyber-attack before it happens,” they explain from Enthec.

Faced with different proposals within the cyber intelligence market aimed at large accounts, Enthec offers a solution within reach of all types of customers, regardless of their size. According to Carlos Marcos, Head of the Cyber ​​​​Intelligence Area of ​​the Value Added Distributor, this has been one of the factors that led Ingecom to sign with Enthec: “The inclusion of the Spanish company Enthec in our portfolio of solutions enables enabling us to facilitate a cyber intelligence tool in a market niche that we have not been able to reach with other proposals until now. Kartos offers an answer to all types of customers and partners, regardless of their size. In addition, the artificial intelligence provided by Kartos is used to access useful information without the resources of intelligence analysts who must interpret the information obtained through the platform”. cyber

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