The first autonomous truck, built with the technology Uber has specified, will debut in the US next year

The first autonomous truck, built with the technology Uber has specified, will debut in the US next year

The future of self-driving cars is not well defined. There are still dozens of questions to be answered, such as whether the current infrastructure will be updated to do so communicate with autonomous vehicleswhether there will be a dedicated lane for them and how security that leaves passenger safety in the hands of the vehicle can be strengthened.

Despite the doubts and lack of regulation, Silicon Valley continues to be a hotbed of news related to this space. dawnfounded in 2017 within the mecca of innovation, He has been working on self-driving cars and trucks for six years. Your final product is about to see the light.

As usual with this type of manufacturer, Aurora has the software development, hardware and data processing internally to create the driverless vehicle of the future.

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This unicorn, he already has one valued at nearly $3,000 million (and this without having officially launched his vehicle), he has acquired three major companies in the past four years: Blackmore Sensors and Analytics in 2019, kick-starting vehicle sensor integration; Uber Advanced Technologies groupa branch of Uber that focuses on the development of self-driving cars and OUR technologiesanother company specialized in the manufacture of sensors.

After these important acquisitions, Aurora is preparing launches its autonomous truck in the coming year. According to the company, the timing is ideal, especially if it is taken into account.”the lack of drivers in the industry and the logistical issues that persist after the pandemic.”

Aurora trucks promise to go beyond vehicles driven by professional drivers, leaving problems behind such as human fatigue and time constraints. The company’s trucks will be able to drive more hours. The immediate result will translate into a more maneuverability within the logistics chain.

Logistics organized by terminals

One of the keys to delivering on the promise of self-driving is the final construction in the United States where the company’s trucks can be parked.

Customers interested in contracting Aurora’s logistics services have the option of leaving their trailers with cargo at one of these terminals, which will initially be located in the roads with the highest demand for this type of freight transport.

This type of model allows them to easily integrate with customers’ current operations and routes.

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Autonomous trucks can easily be reserved via a planning platform developed by the company.

Before the departure of any of the trucks, and in accordance with United States safety regulations, the Aurora team will be required to inspect all major components of the vehicle: operation of the brakes, steering wheel, lights, sensors, wheels and emergency equipment.

Before departure, the team must check whether the weather conditions are ideal for an autonomous vehicle. He Extreme weatherlike heavy rain and fog, can block the view of the cameras and truck sensors.

If the truck encounters any issues during the tour, the Aurora support team will be notified and can connect to transportation cameras, in real timeto determine the most viable solution depending on the circumstances.

“Driving technology Autonomous will change the way we transport goodssaid Kendra Phillips, Aurora vice president of services. “It is exciting that we can lead the way in offering this type of driverless work to our customers and the industry at large.”

The achievement of its objectives is viable taking into account that same month, the company announced the completion of “Aurora Driver”, the technology that enables your driverless transport service. Now the company is entering the final phase of refining and validating the technology before commercial launch.

Since day oneWe made significant technology investments and strategic decisions that helped us reach this pivotal moment,” said Chris Urmson, co-founder and CEO of the company.

The final launch on the country’s roads will not be sudden. CurrentlyAurora already operates several routes on Texas highways. The pilot programs will be further expanded throughout 2023. In the third quarter of this year, the company expects to have completed its terminal in the city of Houston.

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